Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

PandaBar is a nifty Pandora client for Mac

PandaBar is a nifty menu-bar player for the Pandora streaming-music service.

Verbs IM for iPhone and iPad

Verbs is a beautiful IM client for iPad and iPhone. It's missing a few features that could push it from good to great.

Tunesque lets you search all of Apple's media stores at once

Tunesque makes it easier to find Apple-hawked media by consolidating searches of all Apple's media stores in a single interface.

Review: Cards for iPhone

Cards is clunky to use, and its options are limited. It doesn't even feel like Apple made the app.

Reeder for Mac 1.1.2

Reeder for Mac is a breath of fresh air in the crowded market for Google Reader and RSS clients, offering a healthy dose of features polished up with an interface that shows the program's iOS roots.

Sparrow 1.3.1

Light and fleet, the mail app dubbed Sparrow lives up to its name. Free from extraneous features, Sparrow does nothing but Gmail and IMAP email in an efficient and elegant fashion.

Review: Opera 11.5

While Opera 11.5 calls itself a browser, it feels like it really wants to be more than that. But in trying to do so, this perpetual innovator’s latest version falls short.

Review: Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1 gives Apple’s browser enough horsepower to hold its own against rivals in day-to-day browsing. More importantly, its new features truly distinguish it from the pack, making Safari 5.1 a great step up from its predecessor.

Review: Apple Mail 5.0

While it may fall short for power users with industrial-strength business needs, the new Apple Mail offers a feature set good enough for the broad majority of everyday users, executed superbly, and integrated tightly with OS X.

iChat improves, but seems out of place

The new version of OS X also includes an update to the operating system's built-in chat client. Lion's implementation may be the best version of iChat yet, but Lex Friedman thinks there are still shortcomings when compared to third-party instant messengers.

Social Clipboard 1.4

Social Clipboard is a sort of super clipboard that allows you to post copied text, photos and HTML code to Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

First Look: Spotify

Spotify has come to the U.S. Christopher Breen takes a first look at the subscription music service.

CloudPull 1.4.1

ClouldPull is a utility for users of Google services, such as Docs and Calendar. The software helps retrieve that data from the cloud.