Don't-Miss Software Stories

Customize your Mac's battery warnings with Low Battery Saver

Low Battery Saver warns you when your battery hits a certain amount of time remaining, and then shuts down your computer.

Set desktop banner alarms with ChronoSlider

Set alarms and reminders with ChroniSlider by sliding your cursor across your Mac’s screen. This method allows for lightning fast input and less of an interruption to your workflow.

Use Looky to turn on your Mac's camera in a hurry

Looky is a menu-bar utility for quickly popping open a live view from your Mac's built-in camera--perfect for keeping an eye on who might be sneaking up behind you.

Speed Download manages downloads and FTP to boost workflow

Speed Download is a download and FTP manager with features for both basic and more advanced needs. This is a highly useful app, which integrates well into Safari and iTunes, and can greatly boost your workflow.

Welcome to GemFest 2012

It's time for our annual GemFest (a.k.a., Summer of Gems), so starting today and continuing through mid-August, we'll be reviewing a new Mac Gem every day (except Sunday). Some of the programs are simple, some more complex. Some will be niche-y, while others will be programs everyone should use. The one thing they all have in common is that each is a Mac Gem.

Three Gems-heavy bundles offer great bargains

Three current software bundles include Mac Gems, offering a slew of good software at even-better-than-usual prices.

Botanicula a hypnotically fascinating Mac game

Playing Botanicula is a bit like being thrown into a Czechoslovakian children’s cartoon where you’re left to figure out what’s going on.

Battle through a broken world in Bastion

Bastion resembles every other quest-adventure game since The Legend of Zelda: Explore. But Supergiant Games have made this game fun with inspired embellishments.

Adobe Audition CS6's new features harmonize with video, radio, and podcast production

Mac audio pros will appreciate Audition's support for control surfaces, clip grouping, and Redbook CD burning. Longtime Windows Audition users will be pleased with the return of features they loved.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 adds mobile tools but neglects core Web technologies

Dreamweaver CS6 is a powerful Web builder with great code-editing, CSS, and site management capabilities. It introduces significant additions for CSS3 properties and building mobile-friendly websites, but is slipping behind in certain core technologies Web designers depend on.

Order & Chaos Online: A 'lite' version of World of Warcraft

Order And Chaos Online doesn’t have the depth of WoW, but it’s still fun to dip into in odd moments. It’s also a lot cheaper than WoW—as long as you avoid those in-app purchases.

Diablo III a fun addition to Blizzard's iconic RPG series

Even if you’ve outgrown certain elements of the Diablo series over the last 16 years, Blizzard does a great job of reminding you why these games are fun.

Premiere Pro CS6's aesthetic and workflow improvements boost editing efficiency

Premiere Pro CS6 extends the performance gains of its predecessor to a wider range of users, particularly mobile editors with the proper laptop configuration. But what makes the CS6 version a worthy upgrade is its focus on video editing enhancements.

Zengobi Curio Core 7.4.3 holds your best ideas

Curio Core is one of the more expensive organizer options in the Mac App Store. But it’s not the priciest; it offers a lot more features than many cheaper apps; and it presents them in a friendly, easy-to-learn package.

PDF Editor Pro 1.6 offers OCR and file conversion

PDF Editor Pro is a reasonably good PDF editing tool that offers up some compelling features.