Don't-Miss Speaker Stories

Review: Samson StudioDock 3i Active USB Monitors speakers

Featuring iPod dock-connector connectivity, two analog audio inputs, and support for USB audio, Samson's small StudioDock 3i Active USB Monitors are both versatile and listenable.

Review: Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System

With the Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System, you can wirelessly transmit audio from your iPod to a remote speaker.

Review: Creative Xdock Wireless Music System for iPod

If you want to listen to your iPod's audio in multiple locations, Creative's Xdock Wireless Music System is one option, although it doesn't come cheap.

Logitech Pure-Fi Elite

Review: Bose SoundDock Portable

The portable version of Bose's iconic iPod speaker system improves on the original but sports an even-higher price tag.

Zvox Audio 325

Altec Lansing Orbit-MP3

Polk I-Sonic ES2

Review: Polk I-Sonic ES2

If you've ever wanted to buy a song you heard on the radio, Polk's I-Sonic ES2, when combined with a recent iPod, makes doing so easy thanks to iTunes Tagging.

Review: Altec Lansing Orbit-MP3

Altec Lansing’s $30 Orbit-MP3 is a portable speaker that’s small enough to carry with you in a bag or backpack, and its sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small device.

Review: B&W Zeppelin

The Zeppelin is among the most expensive iPod speaker systems we’ve seen, and if sound quality is your only consideration, there are less-expensive alternatives. But, like Apple’s own hardware, few systems can match the Zeppelin’s combination of design, performance, and overall quality.

Review: Logic 3 iStation Traveller for iPhone & iPod touch

The iStation Traveller is a good combination of small size, decent sound quality, and a reasonable price, although its video-viewing design isn't perfect.

MacAlly TunePro

For its price, the TunePro offers pretty good sound quality and solid radio reception. But there are some tradeoffs, including the amount of room the unit takes up on your nightstand, as well as the unintuitive controls.

Vers Audio Vers 2x

Whether or not Vers Audio's Vers 2x will appeal to you depends largely on the relative values you place on design, environmentally-focused production, sound quality, and features.