Don't-Miss Speaker Stories

Altec Lansing Octiv Mini (M102)

The Octiv Mini is a simple, compact charging dock with a decent speaker for casual listening and alarm-clock use. It's a great idea, but a few significant flaws hold the Octiv Mini back.

Geneva Lab Geneva Sound System Model S

Geneva Lab's Geneva Sound System Model S is an eye-catching speaker system with a clever, touch-sensitive control system and excellent sound quality.

Blue Sky Exo2 Stereo Monitoring System

Blue Sky's updated Exo 2.1 desktop speakers deliver solid sound at a reasonable price.

Logic 3 i-Station Rotate

The i-Station Rotate is a solid iPod and iPhone speaker system, from its design to its portability, from its remote to its audio quality.

What to buy: the dream home office

Here's one home-office setup—including a top-rated desktop Mac, multifunction printer, high-capacity backup drive, and speakers—that can crank out professional-looking work for you from 9 to 5, then serve as your family's multitasking, multimedia, multi-user machine after hours.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless

The wireless version of Klipsch's venerable ProMedia 2.1 speaker system lives up to its wired sibling's pedigree when it comes to audio quality, although the wireless functionality is more limited in its appeal.

Altec Lansing inMotion Classic and Compact

You can't go wrong with either of these Altec Lansing units. If you need more portability, and you don't mind using AA batteries in exchange for better battery life, then go with the Compact. If you prefer a built-in battery, along with the luxuries of a remote control, an FM radio, and more onboard controls, the Classic will suit you perfectly.

iHome iA5

The iHome iA5 alarm clock might be just another iPod-dockable speaker unit, were it not for integration with a free companion iPhone app.

Digital Audio Group Livespeakr

The Livespeakr is a decent portable speaker system for the iPhone and iPod touch, although its flimsy cradle takes away from an otherwise unique design.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 desktop speakers

At $500, B&W's desktop computer speakers are anything but inexpensive, but you're paying not only for style, but an impressively clean and balanced sound in computer speakers.

Battle for Vesta for iPhone

Battle for Vesta from Insight Industries is a first-person 3D space combat game with smooth gameplay but little frills. You pilot your spacecraft while mining for crystals, avoiding asteroids, and fighting off enemy spacecraft in a sci-fi adventure not yet seen on the iPhone.

Tunebug Vibe

The Vibe provides an innovative way to listen to the music on your portable devices out loud. Its small size makes it extremely portable, and if you have it on the right surface, the sound is nothing to sneeze at.

Mi-Dockspeakers miSoccer

While audiophiles should look elsewhere, the miSoccer iPod speaker is surprisingly good (with a little tweaking).

MailTones for iPhone

Most users who utilize -- or at the very least monitor -- their e-mail on the iPhone or iPod touch will likely find this audio e-mail notification app quite useful.

Review roundup: Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers let you stream music from your iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac, and can even act as a Bluetooth speakerphone. We took a look at five Bluetooth speaker systems to see how each fares.