Don't-Miss Storage Stories

sharefile icon

Citrix ShareFile review: Enterprise-quality file storage and synchronization

Cload-based file sync and sharing software is simple to set up and use, and offers excellent user management tools.

tack app ios icon

StoAmigo Tack App review: Cloud convenience and remote access to Mac files, but software is unintuitive

Cloud-powered, remote access of files and folders on connected Mac or Windows computers.

emtec p700 wi fi hdd top

Emtec Connect Wi-Fi HDD review: Spacious portable storage with compromises

Emtec Connect Wi-Fi HDD P700 combines spacious portable hard drive storage with wireless access from iOS or Android devices using a free companion app.

leef iaccess iphone stock

Leef iAccess review: A little white hook full of infinite iOS storage possibilities

A hook-shaped plastic dongle that plugs into the Lightning port of an iOS device to provide expandable storage from microSD cards.

sonnet echo 15 front

Sonnet Echo 15+ Thunderbolt 2 Dock review: A big box of connectivity

This big box isn't like your typical Thunderbolt 2 dock.

daisydisk mac icon

DaisyDisk 4 review: Now faster than ever at cleaning out unwanted files on your Mac

DaisyDisk 4 scans mounted volumes, making it easy to identify and then eliminate large or unwanted files taking up space there.

tardisk pear stock 01

TarDisk Pear first look: Upgrade your MacBook flash storage in a few minutes

A new storage device can boost the amount of storage in your laptop without needing to swap out the built-in flash memory.

link powerdrive 32gb w charging phone

Imation Link Power Drive review: Compact power, storage for iOS devices

An affordable way to increase the storage capacity and battery life of Lightning-equipped iOS devices.

expandrive mac icon

ExpanDrive 5 review: Cloud storage, now appearing on your desktop

ExpanDrive 5 makes accessing popular cloud services and servers as easy as mounting a local hard drive on the Mac.

cleanmymac3 icon

CleanMyMac 3 review: Make more room on your crowded hard drive

Is your Mac's storage device getting full? CleanMyMac can help reclaim gigabyte's worth of space.