Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Ci Design iStoragePro Pocket

Ci Design's iStoragePro Pocket is one of the fastest portable hard drives we’ve ever looked at.

Raidon Stardom DeckRAID DR4

The DeckRAID DR4 has a solid premise: offer a flat, stylish, easy-to-use RAID 5 solution for Mac users, particularly the oft-forgotten iMac and Mac Mini crowd.

LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive

LaCie’s Starck Mobile Hard Drive is a stylish USB drive that features a sturdy aluminum exterior and a wealth of enticing features that should excite hardware enthusiasts.

Synology Disk Station DS409slim

Synology's Disk Station DS409slim is a good idea, but it is a long way from being a consumer-friendly network-attached storage unit.

SimplyDisk simplifies custom disk-image creation

SimplyDisk is an easy-to-use utility for creating custom disk images and discs for distributing software and other content.

MCE 8X Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drive

The MCE 8x Blu-ray Disc External Recordable Drive is a relatively speedy optical drive. If you intend to use the drive with USB, it’s worth a look.

Buffalo MiniStation Metro

The MiniStation Metro gains an innovative design, but loses at bit in terms of performance.

FastMac External Slimline USB 2.0 BD-R 4X Optical Drive

Though it won’t set any speed records, the FastMac External Slimline USB 2.0 BD-R 4X Optical Drive is a dependable performer. Bus-powered and compact, this portable burner should appeal to mobile users interested in burning Blu-ray and other discs.

Eye-Fi Geo

SD memory card wirelessly transfers pics from your camera to your iPhoto library.

LaCie d2 Blu-ray Professional BD-R, BD-RE Drive

If you’re looking to add an external optical drive to your Mac, the LaCie d2 Blu-ray Professional BD-R, BD-RE Drive is worth considering, especially if you have other LaCie d2 drives on your desktop.

CalDigit VR mini

The high-performance and high price tag of the VR mini RAID array make this a great fit for audio/visual professional

OWC Mercury Pro 8X Blu-ray External

If you’re looking for a new optical drive, and one that can burn high definition Blu-ray movies as well, OWC’s Mercury Pro 8X Blu-ray Pioneer BDR-203 External drive is worth a look.

Buffalo Technology MediaStation 8X External Blu-ray Writer

The MediaStation 8X External Blu-ray Writer may not be the prettiest, but it gets the job done the fastest.

ioSafe Solo

Like an airplane’s black box, the ioSafe solo ensures your data will be kept safe even when confronted with disastrous conditions.

Eye-Fi Pro

The Eye-Fi Pro is an SD memory card that provides the option of transferring pictures without cables or card readers to your computer or to an online photo sharing Web site.