Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Time Capsule

Apple's latest Time Capsules are what any good networking and backup devices should be: easy to set up, manage, and forget about. If you're replacing an older base station and want to use Time Machine to back up multiple Macs, the new Time Capsule is well worth it.

Review: for iPhone’s iPhone client lets users of the online storage service easily access their files while on the go. It’s a convenient option for iPhone and iPod touch owners with remote storage needs.

Review: Buffalo MiniStation TurboUSB Portable Hard Drive 500GB

Buffalo Technology's MiniStation TurboUSB Portable Hard Drive is a humble-looking workhorse of a drive, with modestly fast USB speed—if you're using Tiger—and the added security of being physically tougher than your average portable drive.

Review: Iomega eGo Helium Portable Hard Drive USB

The small, aluminum-cased eGo Helium drive is designed to look at home with the latest line of Apple laptops. In fact, if you can imagine the MacBook Air having a baby, this is what it would probably look like.

Review: Western Digital My Passport Studio 500GB

For users looking for a compact drive with a lot of storage and don’t care about having the absolutely best connection speeds on the market, the My Passport Studio is a fine option.

Review: OWC Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 800/400 + USB 2.0 320GB

OWC’s Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 800/400 + USB 2.0 is a Mac-ready, fast, bus-powered portable hard drive that eschews style for substance.

Review: Toshiba USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive 400GB

Toshiba’s USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive is a serviceable drive with a few tradeoffs. Performance-minded users will see the Toshiba’s USB-only connectivity as a limitation.

Review: G-Technology G-Drive mini

The G-Drive mini is portable drive that offers connectivity flexibility. And if you need zippy data transfers, the G-Drive mini is an ideal choice.

Review: SimpleTech [re]drive

SimpleTech's [re]drive’s status as an environmentally conscious product makes it more enticing than many similarly priced 500GB drives, and it’s more aesthetically pleasing than your standard external drive.

Review: Seagate FreeAgent Go for Mac

The FreeAgent Go is an external hard drive that promises fast FireWire 800 transfer speeds, spacious storage, and a stylish (if bulky) white and aluminum design meant to compliment the Mac.

FreeAgent Desk for Mac

Thanks to the FireWire 800 connection speed, the FreeAgent Desk is a respectably fast external drive. Seagate has produced a fast, competitively priced, and Mac-centric external drive that should satisfy your storage needs.

Review: Drobo with FireWire 800

The Drobo allows users to effortlessly administer multiple external hard drives, making it handy for people with large storage needs. The new FireWire 800 model is faster than the previous USB-only model—a welcome speed boost for anyone who works with large files regularly.

Review: File storage and viewing apps for iPhone

Those looking to store and view files on their iPhone have a trio of apps to chose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.