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Bus-powered hard drives and older Mac laptops

Macworld Lab tests a plethora of older Macs to see how they handle bus-powered USB portable hard drives.

Review: My Passport Studio 320GB

The My Passport Studio is a portable hard drive that’s bus powered—it doesn’t include a power adapter. The drive ships in a Mac-friendly format, and works with Leopard’s built-in disk back up utility, Time Machine.

TimeMachineEditor 1.3

If you’ve ever wanted to change Time Machine’s schedule, Time Software's TimeMachineEditor lets you do just that. You can tweak the interval so that Time Machine backs up every, say, four hours, or you can choose to have Time Machine back up once a day, once a week, or once a month.

Review: Little Big Disk Quadra 500GB

LaCie’s Little Big Disk Quadra is a high capacity, portable storage device that can be powered off of a FireWire connection. It will cost you considerably more than a similar capacity desktop drive, but its RAID configuration helps keep the drive competitive with desktop drives in terms of performance.

SmartBackup 2.2

There are many good backup utilities out there, and the number of choices is growing. What makes FreeRideCoding'sSmartBackup 2.2.4 unique is that it lets you define files to be backed up using saved Spotlight searches.

Review: LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk

As an external hard drive, LaCie's d2 Quadra Hard Disk is versatile in terms of connection support, generous in terms of software bundles, and solid in terms of performance. If you’re in the market for an external hard drive, the d2 Quadra Hard Disk definitely deserves your consideration.

Review: Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II

Western Digital's My Book Studio Edition II external hard drive provides fast performance and a ton of data storage (1TB, in this case) in a box that's bigger than a dictionary.

Newer Technology eSATA Extender Cable

If you're looking to add eSATA ports to your Mac Pro, Newer Technology offers an inexpensive approach, though it's one that requires a bit of work.

Review: DroboShare

DroboShare is a companion product for Data Robotics' Drobo that let you share a Drobo's storage to other computers on the same network. Just as Drobo deftly shields the user from the technical details of RAID, DroboShare aims to keep things simple by eschewing the more complex—but more secure—granular access controls found in traditional Networked Attached Storage products.

Review: Iomega eGo Portable hard drive

With its solid metal construction, smooth finish, and sleek looks, the eGo slides handily into a purse or pocket so you can tote your important digital files wherever you go. It's not a particularly fast drive, but it's good for carrying with you on a regular basis.

Review: Time Capsule Wi-Fi base station

Thanks to a timely software update, Apple's Time Capsule is an easy-to-use backup appliance that provides speedy wireless network access while keeping your data safe.

Huge hard drives

Time Machine’s polished user interface will instantly grab the attention of anyone who has struggled with the staid backup offerings thus far available for the Mac. Of course, this powerful backup engine is of little use unless you supplement your Leopard upgrade with a massive amount of new hard-drive space. To help you with that task, we’ve reviewed seven worthy contenders for getting your backups in gear.

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition (1TB)

The combination of features, compact design, good performance, and price make My Book Studio Edition (1TB) worth a look if you’re thinking of adding more external storage to your Mac.