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Review: Time Capsule Wi-Fi base station

Thanks to a timely software update, Apple's Time Capsule is an easy-to-use backup appliance that provides speedy wireless network access while keeping your data safe.

Huge hard drives

Time Machine’s polished user interface will instantly grab the attention of anyone who has struggled with the staid backup offerings thus far available for the Mac. Of course, this powerful backup engine is of little use unless you supplement your Leopard upgrade with a massive amount of new hard-drive space. To help you with that task, we’ve reviewed seven worthy contenders for getting your backups in gear.

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition (1TB)

The combination of features, compact design, good performance, and price make My Book Studio Edition (1TB) worth a look if you’re thinking of adding more external storage to your Mac.

Buffalo DriveStation TurboUSB (750GB)

Although the Buffalo DriveStation TurboUSB (750GB) offers just a single USB port and lacks the designer looks of certain other external drives, its value and price make it a solid candidate for your backup needs.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus (750GB)

While the drive no speed demon, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus’s attractive styling and encryption features make it worthy of consideration.

Iomega UltraMax (750GB)

With four different types of connectors from which to choose, Iomega’s UltraMax 750GB offers maximum flexibility for those who need it—and it does so at a very respectable price.

WiebeTech RTX100-SJ (1TB)

If you’re serious about backing up your data, the WiebeTech RTX100-SJ makes shuffling among multiple drive mechanisms much easier. But at $527 it’s no bargain.

SimpleTech SimpleDrive USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (1TB)

Despite a few rough edges, the SimpleDrive represents a good overall value. It packs a large amount of storage into a petite, classy-looking package, though the USB-only design limits its performance.

OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro (1TB)

The Mercury Elite-AL Pro (1TB) certainly delivers on performance and versatility, but it’s also fairly pricey. If you’re hoping to save a little cash, you might want to look elsewhere.

LifeAgent 2.1

The concept of instant and automatic backups is a good one. But LifeAgent 2.1 needs significant work, especially in the area of file restoration, to contend with the likes of Time Machine.

Drobo USB storage

If you’re in an environment where you routinely share large data files with others, then look elsewhere. However, if you’re after a safe and easy personal backup solution, the Drobo is an attractive solution.

MCE OptiBay hard drive upgrade

Dan Frakes replaces his MacBook Pro's optical drive with a second hard drive.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.1 certainly has room for improvement—it needs e-mail synchronization, Bluetooth support, and profile automation, to begin with—but it’s light years ahead of the free option.