Don't-Miss Tablet case Stories

Uniea Omniverse iPad Case

Stowable handles and a memory foam interior give this case a nice balance between protection and convenience.

M-Edge Leisure Jacket for Apple iPad

Zippered case provides in-use screen protection at the cost of much usability.

Booq Cobra Courier XS

The Cobra Courier is a minimalist's iPad bag built with premium nylon and leather. Apart from some minor gripes, this is a great choice if you don't need much more than your iPad for the day (and if you don't mind carrying a "man bag").

ModulR iPad Case + Cover Package

ModulR's iPad Case + Cover Package is a clever system, and the case and Quick Stand work wonderfully together. If the stand’s lack of easy portability isn’t a hindrance, the package is a superb way to prop and mount your iPad while you work and play.

Ten One Particle Case + Pogo Sketch

The Particle Case + Pogo Sketch doesn't provide much protection or many extra features beyond the integrated stylus holder, and that feature comes with drawbacks of its own.

Review: Five more iPad bags and packs

Our collection of reviews of iPad bags, packs, and slings continues to grow. New this week are reviews of Booq's Mamba Shift M Denim laptop/iPad backpack, M-Edge's Journey Bag, Timbuk2's Slingshot, Tom Bihn's Co-Pilot, and Waterfield Designs' Muzetto.

M-Edge Journey Bag for Apple iPad

M-Edge's Journey Bag for the iPad includes a separate, zippered compartment for storing your iPad and offers a good storage-to-price ratio. But some odd design choices and a lack of internal pockets may disappoint those who want to keep small gadgets and trinkets organized on-the-go.

Timbuk2 Slingshot Netbook Case

This minimal case carries some of Timbuk2's signature charms, such as an adjustable shoulder strap and a loop for hooking a keychain carabiner or bike helmet. But sub-par construction and storage pockets don't do it any favors.

WaterField Designs Muzetto

The WaterField Designs Muzetto is a premium, stylish leather bag designed to bring a day's essentials and your iPad or netbook.

Booq Mamba Shift M Denim

Booq designed a bag exclusively for Apple, and it has a custom pocket configuration with spots for an iPad and even an Apple Wireless Keyboard. We had to get our hands on one.

Tom Bihn Co-Pilot

The Co-Pilot is a versatile and superbly made travel/day bag aimed squarely at iPad owners.

Review: 9 iPad shells and skins

Shells and skins, which generally cover the back and sides of your iPad, but not the screen, offer moderate protection while letting you use the iPad without having to remove it from its case. In this week's roundup of iPad-case reviews, we take a look at nine shells and skins.

Incipio iPad Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

Can a lightweight shell give your iPad heavyweight protection?