Don't-Miss Tablet case Stories

Plaid Doctrine iPad Sleeve

Are you environmentally aware? Do you like plaid? A lot? Then this may be the iPad sleeve for you.

Brenthaven Bill-Fold iPad Sleeve

Environmentally friendly case offers unique design that may not be for everyone.

Review: More iPad bags and packs

Our collection of reviews of iPad bags, packs, and slings grows larger this week. New reviews include Tom Bihn's Synapse, STM's Jacket iPad, Timbuk2's Freestyle Netbook Messenger, Cocoon's Harlem iPad/Netbook Sling, Incase's Travel Kit Plus, Loopbag's Transit iPad Case, Case Logic's Netbook/iPad Attache, and Kensington's Sling Bag.

Case Logic Netbook/iPad Attache

If you really don’t need many extras, and you don't mind some rough design edges, Case Logic’s Netbook/iPad Attache is an OK option when you consider its rock-bottom price.

Review: Tom Bihn Synapse Backpack

Instead of a device-specific padded compartment, the Synapse offers a place to put your sleeve-encased iPad or 13-inch (or smaller) laptop, making for a surprisingly versatile daypack-sized backpack. Throw in quality materials and construction, as well as a clever design, and you get a standout bag for those of us blessed with both an iPad and a laptop.

Incase Travel Kit Plus

The Travel Kit Plus is an impressive pack that makes it simple to tote the essentials for on-the-go typing: your iPad, Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, and a few accessories. It even includes a useful portable iPad stand. Its biggest limitation is that its bulk makes it awkward to fit inside other bags, but it's not quite big enough to hold documents on its own.

Cocoon Harlem iPad/Netbook Sling

The Cocoon Harlem iPad/Netbook Sling is a good bag if you need to bring a lot of accessories and trinkets along with your iPad. Solid construction and unique design make this bag a pleasure to use.

Timbuk2 Freestyle Netbook Messenger

Timbuk2's venerable build quality and smart design are present in this scaled-down version of the company's classic messenger.

STM Jacket iPad

The STM jacket iPad succeeds at its goal of iPad-carrying minimalism. Good build quality at a great price make this a solid choice if you don't need to carry many extras.

Kensington Sling Bag (9"-10")

The Sling Bag is a decent iPad and netbook bag at a rock-bottom price. It offers a smaller form factor over traditional notebook bags, but has enough extra room for a couple magazines or a book. Thanks to a few design flaws, though, you can do much better if you spend just $10 to $20 more.

Loopbag Transit iPad Case

The Loopbags Transit iPad Case is built well, though it's a better fit for netbooks than for the iPad. A unique, though perhaps gimmicky, design sets it apart from the crowd.

Review: More iPad zippered sleeves

Zippered sleeves protect your iPad inside another bag, such as a backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag. We've added a number of new reviews of such sleeves.

Case Logic iPad Case - Black

A case as simple as its name, Case Logic's iPad Case - Black is a slim but protective zippered sleeve for the iPad. And it's black.