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Up close with iOS 5: AirPlay features

iOS 5 expands on AirPlay's wireless streaming capabilities by providing support for mirroring for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Jonathan Seff has the details.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We've already seen iPhone-controlled helicopters. This week, we bring you iOS-controlled monster trucks. We can only hope that an iOS-controlled navy is on the way. If that's not your thing, there are also some new AirPlay-enabled speaker systems on the market. Here are some of the accessories that caught our eye this week.

The Week in iOS Accessories: On the road again!

This week's roundup of iOS accessories lets you take to the air, keep your hands warm, and make sure your iPhone, iPad, and iPod have all the power they need.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Come fly with me!

Whether you want to fly through the air, sit on your couch, or simply be productive, this week's roundup of iOS accessories has you covered. Here's what's on our radar this week.

Boxee launches iPad app, AirPlay integration

The Internet video streaming service Boxee aimed square at the Apple crowd on Tuesday, launching both an iPad application and a firmware update to its own Boxee Box hardware that includes AirPlay integration as an "experimental" feature.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen. This week's roundup of iOS accessories allows you to do all those things and more. Here are some of the accessories that have popped up on our radar recently.

Stream audio from iOS devices to your Mac with Airfoil 4.5

The latest version of Rogue Amoeba's music utility lets you stream audio from an iOS device to your Mac. You can also send audio from iTunes to other Macs.

How to build your own AirPlay audio system

Want to wirelessly stream your music to speakers using Apple's AirPlay technology, but don't want to buy an expensive (and still somewhat rare) AirPlay-enabled system? Dan Frakes explains how to make your own.

Android app streams music and video to Apple TV

DoubleTwist, an Android app, now offers support for streaming music and video to the Apple TV.

Use AppleTV video caching for faster AirPlay viewing

Tired of waiting while your iPhone streams video, using AirPlay, to your Apple TV? You can use the AppleTV's video-buffering feature for "instant" viewing.