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Hands on with iOS 4.3

iOS 4 continues to be a sound long-term investment, as the latest update to Apple's mobile operating system brings helpful new features and enhancements.

Apple releases iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Apple has released iOS 4.3, a major update to its mobile OS for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Included in the update are a handful of key new features, like AirPlay for third-party apps, streaming media via iTunes Home Sharing, and personal hotspot support. Notably missing from this update, however, is an intriguing feature that Apple tested during iOS 4.3's beta period, but yanked for the public release.

AirPlay-enabled audio systems trickle out

Audio systems that take advantage of Apple's new AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream music throughout your house are slowly starting to see the light of day.

Pioneer introduces new Apple-focused A/V receivers

This week, Pioneer Electronics introduced its latest models of consumer audio/video home theater receivers, described as "built for the Apple lifestyle". The top model includes AirPlay and iPad app support.

Remote HD lets older Apple TV use AirPlay

The $4 Remote HD app lets older Apple TVs running FireCore's aTV Flash add-on to use AirPlay to stream video from other devices.

Hands on with AirPlay for Apple TV

Jason Snell spend the weekend with an Apple TV running the new AirPlay-compatible software. Here's his hands-on report on how this new video-sharing technology works.

Audioengine A5

Audioengine's A5 speakers may lack a dock connector, but they make up for this lack with rich sound and big volume.