Don't-Miss Stories

Houdini 3D animation software comes to the Mac

A new 3D animation package has come to the Mac. Houdini allows animators to work on Linux, Windows and the Mac, as well as export their projects in several formats.

Toon Boom releases Studio 4.5, Flip Boom Classic

Toon Boom animation released two major updates on Friday for Toon Boom Studio and Flip Book Classic.

Animated comic reader coming to iPhone

Aquafadas is developing a new comic and manga reading application that will let you store your favorite graphic novels on your iPhone.

Toon Boom offers Pencil Check Pro

Pencil Check Pro is a new tool for animators working on the Mac, from Toon Boom Animation.

Animation-Ish promises "Do-It-Yourself" animation

Animation-Ish is a new software application aimed at kids who want to learn how to do animation on their Mac.

Mimic Pro plug-in manages 3D lip-synching with Carrara

Mimic Pro for Carrara helps you synchronize lip movements and facial gestures for 3D models you've created using Carrara.

Toon Boom ships Studio Express 4

Toon Boom Studio Express 4 -- the latest version of Toon Boom Animation's basic animation package -- incorporates new features like Flash pre-loading, calligraphic line styles and more.

Modo 302 improves Photoshop file support

Modo, Luxology's 3D software for Mac and PC, gets improved Photoshop file support and many other new features in its 302 release.

Anime Studio adds layer reordering

Anime Studio has been updated with new features including animated layer reordering and better texture support.