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Three new antivirus apps debut for the Mac

Sophos, ESET, and Trend Micro have all announced new antivirus products for the Mac. But the question remains: Is there really a threat?

Security firms differ on severity of new Mac malware threat

A new cross-platform malware could pose a threat to Mac users, but some security firms say that concerns are overblown.

Remains of the Day: Hint: it's not short for 'dolphin'

It's Friday, so we'll stay short and sweet. Despite what Microsoft may think, rumors of the iPhone's demise are greatly exaggerated. Also, the iPod nano is one swank timepiece, and antivirus software is important--though not for the reasons you might expect.

New malware can take control of Macs, Intego warns

Intego has identified a new crafty and insidious piece of malware affecting Mac OS X. Luckily, the software hasn't been seen in the wild yet.

BitDefender releases antivirus for Mac, Boot Camp users

Longtime Windows security software vendor BitDefender has released two new products for Mac users. One covers just for Mac OS X, while the other covers both your Mac and Windows OSes.

VirusBarrier Server gets update from Intego

Intego has announced VirusBarrier Server 3, an updated defense in the never-ending battle against viruses and malware. This latest offering from Intego comes a few months after the release of its VirusBarrier X6. The server edition of the software it is based on the same set of robust threat-detection protocols. A Mac running as a server gets comprehensive protection against all varieties of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux malware.

Malicious Facebook ad redirects to fake antivirus software

A malicious advertisement has been found within an application for Facebook that redirects users to fake antivirus software, according to a security researcher.

Uninstalling Norton AntiVirus

Symantec is thoughtful enough to provide an uninstaller application for removing its utilities. If you don't use it, woe is you.

Intego releases VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection

Intego has released VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection, which offers all the features of its X6 product for both Mac and Windows operating systems running on the same machine.

Scammers hop on iPad bandwagon

iPad search results may contain poisoned links that lead to rogue antivirus software, as fraudsters unleash a favorite malware-pushing tactic.