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Researcher: Hackers pay 43 cents per hijacked Mac

Russian malware writers have put a price on the head of infected Macs -- 43 cents -- according to a security researcher.

Apple posts list of software incompatible with Snow Leopard

Apple has posted a knowledge base document with list of software that is significantly incompatible with Snow Leopard.

Eliminating a Word macro virus

Rare though they are these days, Word macro viruses are still around. Here are the steps for dealing with them.

Mac News Briefs: overhauls Finance budgeting app has overhauled Finance, its bank account and budget management software, as part of its ongoing effort to move its applications to a more modern architecture. In other briefs, RadTech introduced a new notebook case, Studiometry saw an update, and JAMF software announced scripts that let its centralized client management application deploy and manage the VirusBarrier antivirus software.

iAntiVirus 1.0

If you're more concerned about Mac-specific threats on your personal Mac than with passing along Windows viruses to your friends, iAntiVirus is worth installing. It is free (for personal use), scans many files quickly, and isn't resource intensive.

Fifteen easy fixes for Mac security risks

The Mac OS is a pretty safe platform, but no system is perfect. There are a number of security holes that are common on Mac OS X systems. Computerworld's Ryan Faas shows you how to close them.

Conficker hype a 'problem,' says FBI cyber-chief

The FBI's head of cyber security said Thursday that all of the hype over the Conficker worm may have been a bad thing.

New surveys on small business security and success

Understanding small business is tough because there are so many of them and they vary so widely. But all small businesses share certain problems, attitudes, and approaches to these problems.

Trend Smart Surfing protects users from online scams

Trend Smart Surfing is new security software for the Mac.

Conficker may be more widespread than previously thought

The Conficker worm has infected 500,000 of OpenDNS's more than 10 million users, making it more widespread than thought, the company said.