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Symantec unveils Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0

Symantec unveiled Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0 giving Mac users virus protection, a Firewall, and tools to help protect against spyware and identity theft.

Do you need antivirus software?

Despite constant claims that the Mac is immune to computer cooties, some folks remain unconvinced. Do or do you not need antivirus/security software? Here's my take.

Macs and malware: The straight dope

Earlier this week, Washington Post blogger Brian Krebs stunned the computing world with the revelation that Apple had quietly...

The Macalope Weekly: Virus protection, awesome business ideas, and fishy litigation

The furry one looks into confusion over Apple's recommendation of virus software for Macs, Palm's questionable business logic, and a case of untruth in advertising.

Norton AntiVirus begone!

Can't seem to shake Norton AntiVirus? Here are instructions for removing the last four versions.

Apple removes antivirus support page

A Web page on Apple's site suggesting users purchase antivirus software has been removed by the company.

Apple quietly recommends using antivirus software

A note posted by Apple last month recommends that users install security software to protect themselves against viruses, though this isn’t the first time Apple has issued such a warning.

Apple says users should install anti-virus software

While it's theoretically possible for Macs to get infected, the fact remains that Mac malware is extremely rare.

VirusBarrier update improves performance

Intego has improved performance and fixed bugs in the latest update to VirusBarrier.

Introducing the Macworld Mac Security Superguide

We’ve created the brand-new Macworld Mac Security Superguide. In one handy 84-page volume, we’ve collected everything you need to know to keep yourself safe and secure, from the data on your hard drive to the data you send over the Internet