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Introducing the Macworld Mac Security Superguide

We’ve created the brand-new Macworld Mac Security Superguide. In one handy 84-page volume, we’ve collected everything you need to know to keep yourself safe and secure, from the data on your hard drive to the data you send over the Internet

Intego warns against MacGuard malware

Intego, an anti-virus software maker for the Mac, claims that a new "MacGuard" application is, in fact, malware.

Mac Security: Antivirus

With no known Mac viruses in the wild, do you really need an antivirus app? Scott McNulty takes a look.

Review: ClamXav 1.1

ClamXav 1.1 is an able antivirus program that will keep your Mac protected, though it doesn’t offer all the features that more-expensive programs do. But the price is hard to beat.

Review: VirusBarrier X5

If you're in the market for a fast-working antivirus program, VirusBarrier X5 10.5.2 is the gold standard. It will protect your Mac without making your other work grind to a halt.

Review: Norton AntiVirus 11

Norton AntiVirus (NAV) is the 800-pound gorilla of antivirus software, on both the Mac and the PC, and NAV 11 proves that reputation is well deserved.

Are smartphone viruses really a threat to your network?

All evidence points to the fact that smartphone viruses will be a threat to network even though they may not be at this time, Network World reports.

Sophos warns against iMunizator ‘scareware’

Sophos has issued a security bulletin to warn Mac users against what it calls "scareware:" a Mac app that's designed to scare users into paying money.

Norton AntiVirus Dual Protection for Mac debuts

Symantec has introduced a new anti-virus software package that protects Mac OS X and Windows together.

Vendors mull security software for OS X

Several security vendors are considering developing virus protection software for the Mac OS while one company has a prototype on standby.