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Five awesome Automator tips

Think Apple’s built-in automation tool, Automator, is more trouble than it's worth? Think again. Not only can Automator perform wondrous feats, but with these tips it's also easy to make it happen.

Arq joins the ranks of Mac-friendly online backup services

Haystack Software has released Arq, a backup application that uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Arq offers encrypted backups, flexible scheduling, and the ability to select and exclude files as you see fit.

Retrospect 8.2 gets 3x speed boost, 64-bit support

A major update to this backup software for small-to-medium businesses brings some major speed boosts and workflow improvements.

Lexar's 128GB Echo SE flash drive features backup software

Lexar on Tuesday released a 128GB version of its Echo SE USB flash drive. About the size of a typical USB flash drive, the 128GB Echo SE is $500.

ChronoSync, ChronoAgent updated for smarter backups

Updates to these backup and sync utilities for consumers and small businesses bring more sophisticated scheduling tools and automated backup options.

Five things to do before leaving for vacation

Heading out of town? Take care of a few critical tasks--from backing up your data to setting up remote access--and you can leave your desk behind without a second glance.

Transfer Time Machine backups

If you've run out of room on your current Time Machine backup, it's not difficult to transfer that backup to a more expansive drive.

What to buy: the dream home office

Here's one home-office setup—including a top-rated desktop Mac, multifunction printer, high-capacity backup drive, and speakers—that can crank out professional-looking work for you from 9 to 5, then serve as your family's multitasking, multimedia, multi-user machine after hours.

SubRosaSoft releases CopyCatX 5.0

A major update to this disk duplication and backup utility brings support for fine-grained file backup, backup templates, and a new interface. In other words: you have one less excuse for not backing up.

Apple updates MobileMe Backup to 3.2

Backup, one of the often overlooked perks of MobileMe, has gained a "backup recycling" feature seemingly borrowed from Time Machine. Backups can now be deleted based on a schedule in order to conserve storage space.