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Living with Windows: sharing drives

You've got Macs and Windows PCs on the same network, and you'd like them to share a hard drive for backup or file-storage: John Rizzo shows you three ways to do it.

Access alternate Time Machine drives

Although it's not obvious how, Time Machine makes it easy to access and browse other drives containing Time Machine backups.

Make exact backup copies of your DVDs

Want to make a copy of your wedding DVD for family, or protect your store-bought movies from sticky fingers? Here's how to make exact backups of your DVDs.

Portable hard drives

Roman Loyola takes a look at portable hard drives from LaCie, MXI Security, Western Digital, and Buffalo.

Google now covers all Apps with advanced backup

Google has extended to its entire Apps suite what it calls "best in class" disaster recovery protection.

Back up iDisk with Time Machine

Yes, you can so backup your iDisk with Time Machine.

WD introduces new portable hard drives

WD has introduced new Mac-formatted portable hard drives with FireWire 800 and e-label technology.

One way to end a stuck Time Machine backup

Have you ever seen Time Machine get stuck during a backup run -- constantly showing a tiny percentage completion, for instance? If so, this hint may help; it explains how to gracefully exit that situation, using two simple Terminal commands.

LaCie introduces three new NAS products

LaCie's new products offer small to medium businesses shared network storage options.

One Mac, two Time Machine backups

Why yes, it is possible to use two Time Machine backup drives with your Mac.