Don't-Miss Stories

Fossil Lizette Messenger

Fossil’s Lizette Messenger is a nice hybrid between fashion-forward and real-world-useful, offering a surprising amount of space for your gadgets without awkwardly bulking up your bag. Unfortunately, the Lizette's strap leaves something to be desired for long commutes.

Booq Cobra Courier XS

The Cobra Courier is a minimalist's iPad bag built with premium nylon and leather. Apart from some minor gripes, this is a great choice if you don't need much more than your iPad for the day (and if you don't mind carrying a "man bag").

Laptop backpacks for student budgets

Back to school: affordable options for carrying your gear to and from school or around campus

Booq Mamba Shift M Denim

Booq designed a bag exclusively for Apple, and it has a custom pocket configuration with spots for an iPad and even an Apple Wireless Keyboard. We had to get our hands on one.

Macworld's Gift Guide for Grads

Whether your grad is exiting high school or college remind them that it's not all just pomp and circumstance with this selection of potential gifts. There's something for everybody who's about to take their first step into a larger world.

Review: Tom Bihn Synapse Backpack

Instead of a device-specific padded compartment, the Synapse offers a place to put your sleeve-encased iPad or 13-inch (or smaller) laptop, making for a surprisingly versatile daypack-sized backpack. Throw in quality materials and construction, as well as a clever design, and you get a standout bag for those of us blessed with both an iPad and a laptop.

Review: Five iPad zippered sleeves

Zippered sleeves protect your iPad inside another bag, such as a backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag. We've got reviews of a handful of the latest models.

Review: Five iPad bags and packs

We review five messenger-style bags designed to help you carry your iPad and some extras.

Tom Bihn Ristretto for iPad

Striking a good, accommodating balance between the iPad's compact size and traditional dead-tree media, Tom Bihn's Ristretto is a quality vertical messenger bag with room to bring just about everything you need.

Skooba Design Netbook/iPad Messenger bag

The Skooba Design Netbook/iPad Messenger is a surprisingly well-proportioned bag with impressive construction for a product at this price.