Don't-Miss Stories

Hadaki Cushioned Multitasker Laptop Pod

Hadaki's Cushioned Multitasker Laptop Pod may look like a trip, but its quality of laptop protection is no hallucination.

WaterField Designs MacBook Air Smart Case

WaterField Designs' $79 Smart Case doesn't grab the eye the way some of the MacBook Air's flashier sleeves and cases do, but despite this, it may be my favorite yet.

Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag

Rickshaw's Zero Messenger is comfortable and fashionable, and it keeps your laptop secure inside. As a bonus, it's made locally from quality, eco-friendly materials.

Kempton and Darrow Rough Night Deceiver laptop bag

Kempton and Darrow's Rough Night Deceiver is pricey, and by taking the place of a large purse and a laptop bag, it can be bulky. But if you're a laptop-toting fashionista with some cash to spare, it will protect your laptop while holding more stuff than you know what to do with.

Overland Equipment Cambridge

Overland Equipment's Cambridge is a great option for people who need to carry more than just their laptop.

WaterField Designs MacBook Air Wallet and Travel Express

If you're looking for a streamlined, quality MacBook Air case, you can’t go wrong with either Waterfield's Wallet or Travel Express.

Knomo 11" Leather Envelope for MacBook Air

Knomo's 11" Leather Envelope for MacBook Air is sturdy, cushioned, and attractive, if a bit heavy relative to the MacBook Air itself.

Brooklyn Industries City Bag Medium

For a stylish, efficient messenger bag to cart around urban areas, Brooklyn Industry's City Bag Medium gives quite the bang for your buck.

SGP Gariz Modern Series Genuine Leather Case (11-inch MacBook Air)

SGP’s first foray into sleeves for Apple’s smallest laptop, the Gariz Modern Series Genuine Leather Case, is attractive and well-made, but pricey and a bit too snug.

Thule 13" Protection Sleeve

For storing your MacBook inside another bag or suitcase, or for some extra protection while carrying your laptop by itself, Thule's cargo-carrier-inspired 13" Protection Sleeve is a solid option.