Don't-Miss Stories

American Apparel Vinyl Laptop Bag

The idea of a laptop bag that doesn’t look like one is good, but American Apparel’s laptop tote doesn’t provide nearly enough protection, comfort, or laptop-focused design to warrant a purchase.

Ecogear Black Rhino II

Ecogear's Black Rhino backpack sports environmentally friendly construction, but if you manage to fill most of its plethora of pockets and compartments, you'll find that it's simply uncomfortable to carry.

Pad & Quill Cartella for MacBook Air

The Cartella is a unique case that puts the book back in MacBook. It doesn’t offer a lot of protection from drops and shock, and you’ll want to care for its leather covering like you would the hand-bound books that inspire it, but contemporary bookworms will enjoy the Cartella's literary look.

Skooba Design Harmony iPad/Netbook Satchel

Skooba Design advertises its line of laptop and iPad bags as "designed by women, for the way women really work and travel." Unfortunately, while the company adds several interesting design flourishes, the overall look and feel of the bags leaves something to be desired

Incase Coated Canvas Backpack

Incase has updated its standard backpack with a unique coated-canvas material and other perks, including a dedicated iPad sleeve.

More MacBook Air (11-inch) bags, cases, and sleeves

Check out the latest in protection for Apple's smallest laptop.

Skooba Design Weekend Warrior Duffel

Thanks to the Weekend Warrior Duffel, you now have yet another way to carry your laptop. It’s a convenient and organized way to pack a bag of tech and clothes for a weekend getaway.

Pack & Smooch Laptop Sleeve Hampshire for 11-inch MacBook Air

Hand-manufactured in Germany, Pack & Smooch makes a variety of wool-and-leather sleeves for Apple's devices. The 11-inch Hampshire offers soft, durable, and stylish protection while on the road or in a meeting.

Be.ez LA robe Air 11

The LA robe Air 11 is a great companion for the 11-inch MacBook Air, offering surprisingly good protection and barely-there weight, letting you stash the Air inside whichever bag or backpack you happen to be carrying.

Retrostriper LTB-1041 Laptop Brief

The Retrostriper is a superbly crafted, hip, and very, very orange briefcase for your MacBook Pro.