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Apple granted solar-power patent

A patent for solar-powered, portable devices has been granted to Apple, which the company has seemingly attempted to keep as low-key as possible.

Macworld at CES: Even more cool products

Senior Editor Jonathan Seff is back from Vegas. Here are a few of the other cool products he saw during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus packs high-capacity backup battery

Mophie's latest addition to the Juice Pack line features a 2000 mAh battery that the company says can more than double your iPhone 4's battery life.

Sanho to stop selling MagSafe HyperMac accessories

Citing ongoing negotiations with Apple, the company will stop selling its controversial MagSafe accessories on November 2.

Watts 1.1.1

Watts is a nifty utility that provides detailed information about your MacBook's battery, improves on Apple's menu-bar battery item, and reminds you to calibrate (and walks you through the process of calibrating) your battery.

Apple sues maker of external Mac, iPhone batteries

Apple has filed a patent infringement suit against Sanho Corporation, makers of HyperMac external batteries for Apple portable computers.

Mophie releases Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4

Mophie has updated and redesigned its popular Juice Pack Air battery backup case for the iPhone 4. The case's built-in battery doubles the iPhone's internal battery, offering up to 6 extra hours of talk time on 3G, 36 more hours of audio playback, or nine hours of watching videos.

Apple replacing faulty first-gen nanos in Japan

Apple's Japan branch has said it will be issuing replacement units to those iPod nano owners affected by faulty batteries.

Japan tells Apple to publish info on overheating iPod nanos

The Japanese government has asked Apple to publish clear information for owners of original iPod nanos affected by overheating batteries.

Apple's hardware announcements

Apple put the focus on Mac hardware this week, with new Mac Pro and iMac models. So we follow suit in the Macworld Podcast with an all-Mac discussion about the new hardware.