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The Week in iOS Accessories: Style edition

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories has a focus on style. Heck, even your dock-connector cables can be snazzy.

Remains of the Day: Live long and prosper

The latest update to Mountain Lion may restore some MacBooks' battery life, but the OS can also stop certain applications in their tracks. Meanwhile, Facebook's iOS app gets a new lease on life, thanks to the injection of some native code

Mophie's Juice Pack Pro couples a battery with serious rugged protection

Mophie took its Juice Pack Plus case and coupled it with a seriously rugged, water, dust, and impact resistant shell. As you might expect, there are tradeoffs.

Weekly Wrap: Fix Mountain Lion bugs, avoid scary hacks

Don't look now, but summer's kind of winding down. Now's the time to go outside with your laptop or iOS device, and catch up on both the sun's rays and Macworld's biggest stories from the past week.

Battery Status displays the battery levels of your Mac's connected hardware

Battery Status’s menu icon displays a graphical representation of the battery level of your Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, or Wireless Keyboard.

Remains of the Day: Do not want

CBS doesn't want to help Apple build a business on the back of its content, a Russian carrier doesn't want to submit to Apple's autocratic demands, and Mountain Lion apparently doesn't want MacBook users to get their full battery life.

Apple and EPEAT: What it means

Apple has pulled its products from the government-backed EPEAT registry of environmentally friendly electronic devices. Dan Moren's here to explain what it all means.

Incipio OffGrid Pro offers a unique take on iPhone battery cases

Incipio's OffGrid Pro Backup Battery Case is slim and packs a lot of power, but it's not perfect.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Sights and sounds

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories features products that help you write, take pictures, do business, listen to music, and stay powered up for all of these activities.

Customize your Mac's battery warnings with Low Battery Saver

Low Battery Saver warns you when your battery hits a certain amount of time remaining, and then shuts down your computer.