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MacBook (Late 2009) benchmarks

Macworld Lab has received the new MacBook and has been hard at work, putting it to the test. And while we don’t have Speedmark 6 finalized just yet, we do have some MacBook benchmark results we’d like to share.

New MacBook Pro speed tests

Macworld Lab tested all six of the new MacBook Pros, and the result show modest gains over the previous models.

13-inch MacBook/2.13GHz (white)

If price plays a greater role in a shopper's buying decisions during tough economic times, Apple's recent updates to its entry-level laptop, the $999 white MacBook, should help push some cost-conscious consumers over the laptop-buying fence.

2.13GHz White MacBook benchmarks

The revamped white MacBook Apple released last week not only outperforms the entry-level machine it replaces; it also beats the 2GHz unibody MacBook in Macworld Lab's latest tests.

Maximizing your Mac mini

Dan Frakes takes a look at the process -- and the results -- of upgrading your Mac mini and finds you can top the performance of Apple's $799 model for a lower price tag.

Benchmarks: 2.93GHz Xeon-based Mac Pros

Macworld Lab tested a couple of different Mac Pro configure-to-order systems and the results include our first Speedmark 5 score to top 400.

Benchmarks: Mac Pros, iMacs gaming performance

Though our reviews of the new iMacs and Mac Pros have all posted, the work in the Macworld Lab is not done. We’ve received and tested a number of build-to-order (BTO) systems (as well as the standard configuration Macs) and ran them through some high-resolution game tests.

Lab results: New iMacs show speed boost

We have benchmark results on the four new iMacs. The speed improvements over the iMacs released in April 2008 are significant, and there are also some interesting performance observations between the new iMac models.

Benchmarks: New Mac minis

The Mac mini, waiting patiently on the sidelines for the past 17 months, has finally been refreshed. Though the new systems appears identical to the previous Mac mini, there are some important changes internally—changes that have a positive impact to the tune of a 21 percent increase in overall system performance, according to our testing.

Benchmarks: 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro 2.66GHz

With a slightly faster processor than its predecessor, the new 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro outperformed the previous 17-inch MacBook Pro—but by a small percentage. Macworld's lab director James Galbraith analyzes the performance benchmarks from Apple's new mega-sized laptop.