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Mozilla's rapid Firefox releases are killing me

CIO's Bill Snyder doesn't care for the ramped-up pace of updates for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Dolphin brings tabbed browsing, gestures, more to iOS

If Safari's iOS interface is too simple for you, newcomer Dolphin packs all sorts of power features for your mobile browsing pleasure.

Google adds offline access to Gmail in Chrome

Chrome browser users will be able to access Gmail when they're not connected to the Internet starting Wednesday and will gain similar offline capabilities for Docs and Calendar in the coming week.

Mozilla defends 'rapid release' of Firefox versions

While acknowledging that a six-week release cycle is disconcerting for some users, the chair of the Mozilla Foundation says that quicker releases of new versions of Firefox ensure that new capabilities are not delayed for nearly a year before they can be delivered to people.

Keyword Search Extension offers address bar searching

If you're looking to get the address-bar search functionality of Chrome and Firefox without leaving Safari's Extension sandbox, Safari Keyword Search may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Firefox 7 reaches beta, promises faster browsing

Mozilla released a beta of Firefox 7, putting the lighter-weight browser in front of a large number of users for the first time.

Firefox 8 to block unapproved add-ons

Starting with Firefox 8, Mozilla will automatically block browser add-ons installed by other software until users approve them.

Hands on with Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader

Jason Snell compares the new Kindle Cloud Reader web app to its native iOS equivalent.

Vudu video-streaming service adds iPad support

Walmart-owned Vudu has added support for renting and streaming movies to the iPad via the Web.

Safari Omnibar adds search to Safari's location bar

Chrome and Firefox offer a single location bar that can also perform searches. A new, free SIMBL plugin called Omnibar brings that feature to Safari.