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Restore Safari 5.0.3's tab opening behavior

Safari 5.1 changes where a new tab appears when you open one from a link. Fortunately, if those looking to change that behavior back have some options.

Review: Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1 gives Apple’s browser enough horsepower to hold its own against rivals in day-to-day browsing. More importantly, its new features truly distinguish it from the pack, making Safari 5.1 a great step up from its predecessor.

First Look: Safari 5.1

Reading List might headline the changes to OS X's built-in browser, but there are plenty of other changes in Safari that you need to know about. Dan Frakes gives you the rundown on what's new in the latest version of Safari.

Ten Safari shortcuts you should know

Save time using your browser by learning these essential keyboard shortcuts for both Snow Leopard and Lion's Safari.

Apple releases Safari 5.1 for Snow Leopard, Windows

Safari 5.1 ships as part of Lion, but it's also now available as a free download for those on Snow Leopard and Windows.

Mozilla slates Firefox 5 update to fix Lion crash bug

Mozilla plans to update Firefox for the Mac to deal with a bug affecting the browser in Apple's soon-to-be-released Lion operating system.

Firefox 5

With Firefox 5, Mozilla shifts to a faster release schedule, emulating the lightning pace at which Google’s Chrome gains version numbers. Version 5 debuts mere months after Firefox 4, and Mozilla promises that future editions will arrive with similar speed.

Remains of the Day: All these people want to know

A rogue TSA agent has been found with an iPad in his pants, discovered some interesting Web surfing habits, and AppleInsider located versions of iTunes films encoded in 1080p. The remainders for Friday, July 8, 2011 were tracked down just for you, Gumshoes.

Abine updates Firefox add-on to block Web tracking

The Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-out add-on can now stop Facebook's 'Like' button from appearing.

Google patches seven bugs in Chrome browser

Google patched seven vulnerabilities in Chrome as it issued the second security update for its browser this month.