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Shopping for a new Mac? Here's the lowdown on Apple's offerings to help you decide which Mac to buy.

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Using the right paper is an easy way to upgrade the quality of your photo prints. Find out how to pick the best finish, brand, and type of paper for your images.

Backup buying guide

Back up your data regularly—it's something you know you're supposed to do, but only until recently have many users start to take it seriously, thanks to OS X's Time Machine backup utility, which comes with the operating system.

DVD burners buying guide

If you have a Mac with a Combo drive (CD burner that can read but not write to DVD) or a single-layer DVD burner, buying an external DVD drive is an affordable and attractive upgrade.

HDTV buying guide

HDTVs are evolving fast. From new smooth-motion technology to 'green' energy-conserving capabilities, we’ll tell you the features you’ve got to have on your next set.

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Keep these shopping tips in mind when you're browsing the store aisles for a HDTV.

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Read our breakdown of everything you need to know before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on the wrong flat-panel HDTV.

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