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Take engaging photos using the rule of thirds

A simple compositional trick for the ages, the rule of thirds ensures a more interesting photo.


Review: Sony Alpha SLT-A57

Sony blends image quality, ease of use, shooting options, and reasonable price in this advanced camera for consumers.


The ultimate iPhoto workflow

From iPhoto to iPad and back to your Mac, here's a photo editing, storage, and transfer workflow to suit your needs. Give it a try.

Lytro pumps up features, colors as its innovative camera hits the stores

Lytro rolls out new manual controls and accessories for its light-field camera in time for Tuesday's launch.


The iPhone 5's problem with purple haze

The Web is filled with reports about the iPhone 5's camera and problems with extremely bright lighting. Macworld Lab took some pictures to see what the hullabaloo is all about.

Remains of the Day: Don't bug me

The iPhone 5 camera isn't bugging out, Apple and Samsung are trading barbs once again, and a major partner suggests that Microsoft's next OS may ship a bit moth-eaten.

Raw vs. JPEG: Which should you shoot and when?

Both imaging formats have benefits and liabilities. The trick is to figure out which one is a better match for your situation.


Fujifilm XF1: An F1.8 compact swathed in rich faux leather

With an F1.8 lens, a fairly big sensor, unique zoom-lens controls, and a faux leather cover, the Fujifilm XF1 is looking to turn heads on the premium compact scene.


Canon EOS 6D: A full-frame DSLR with Wi-Fi for $2100

The Nikon vs. Canon battle continues, this time on the semi-affordable full-frame DSLR front. The new EOS 6D packs a full-frame sensor and Wi-Fi features into a fairly small body.


iPhone 5 camera shoots panoramas and promises better low-light performance

iPhone 5 and iPod touch cameras seek to improve shooting experience and results.