Don't-Miss Stories

Four hints about Mail and Spaces

Four hints for the price of one ... learn how to easily switch between open windows of an app across Spaces, how to delete Mail messages without showing a preview of the next, and two tips for working with links in messages in 10.6's Mail app.

Switch between app windows in different Spaces

Learn another method of switching between application windows for one program, when those windows are open in multiple Spaces

Yet another way to move app windows to Spaces

Learn one additional method of moving app windows into Spaces.

Collect windows in Spaces in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard removed a 'collect windows' Spaces shortcut. Here's a new way to collect windows -- while it works, it's not as simple as the old method.

Bugs & Fixes: The iPhone ‘dead strip’

A strip of Ted Landau’s iPhone became unresponsive to finger touches. Does that mean a costly repair? Also, Ted revisits the issues Microsoft Office has with Leopard’s Space feature, with an explanation from Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit.

Bugs & Fixes: Office 2008 and Leopard’s Spaces don’t mix

Having trouble using Office 2008 (and especially Word 2008) with OS X 10.5’s Spaces feature? It’s not you—it’s a known bug.

Promising Prospect: Hyperspaces

For making quick adjustments to your Spaces configuration, and for making it easier to identify different workspaces, Hyperspaces looks like a promising prospect.

Make Leopard leap: Time-saving tips for OS X 10.5

Computerworld’s Ryan Faas offers up 10 tips for working more productivity with Leopard’s built-in features.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.4

Apple fixed issues with several components in Mac OS X with the release of Mac OS X 10.5.4.

Warp 1.1

Warp 1.1 is a free system utility for Leopard. It adds more functionality to Spaces.