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Move 10.5’s help windows to different spaces

In Leopard’s Spaces, moving the help window to another space can be tricky. But here’s how you do it.

Apple fixes 70 issues with Mac OS X 10.5.3 update

Apple addressed 70 issues with the release of Mac OS X 10.5.3, including fixes for Mail, iChat and Spaces.

Leopard: A third opinion

Rob Griffiths and Dan Frakes both detailed what they like—and don’t like—about Leopard, after spending a couple months using it. Now Dan Moren weighs in with his take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Another view of Leopard, four months later

Now that Rob Griffiths been using Leopard for a while, what does he think? Do the features that looked great at first glance really work? Here’s his second look at OS X 10.5.

Spaces, Exposé, Dashboard

If you asked Macworld’s editors which new Leopard features have pleasantly surprised them most, Spaces would likely be near the top of the list. Here are a few of the tricks and tips we’ve learned for using Spaces—along with Exposé and Dashboard—as efficiently as possible.

Easily assign programs to Spaces

Learn a couple ways to simplify the task of assigning programs to Leopard's Spaces.

PC World: Some things weren't in the air at Expo

Apple's tagline for the just-concluded Macworld Expo was "There's something in the air." But for everything that was "in the air" this past week, there were pre-show rumors that didn't pan out, products that didn't receive enough attention, and announcements ripe for second-guessing.

Analysis: Looking at the trends from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show always introduces new gear and gadgets. But it's also the place where the trends defining the electronics industry take shape. Dan Moren and Dan Frakes look at what was the talk of this year's trade show.

CES products for the rest of us

The Consumer Electronics Show features plenty of pie-in-the-sky gadgetry you'll never be able to afford. But what about stuff you might actually use? Dan Frakes found a few items catching his eye this week in Las Vegas.

Calling all iPhone accessories at CES

There were more iPhones in the hands of attendees than there were on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show. But Dan Moren still found a few iPhone accessories and add-ons that piqued his interest.