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High-def camcorders go small and light at CES

The camcorders on display at this week's Consumer Electronics Show could finally capture the imagination of long-wary consumers thanks to flash memory, more compact sizes and other innovations.

The iPod's still a player at CES

Walk the show floor at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and it won't be long before you come across yet another iPod-compatible gadget. Senior editor Dan Frakes shares some of the alarm clocks, docks, and audio systems that caught his eye during his CES visit.

CES: Digital music industry challenged to follow fans' lead

Music industry executives say the industry needs to change if they want to keep up with a market increasingly controlled by consumers.

What a difference Apple's success makes at CES

Dan Frakes discovers that Apple's success with the iPod (among other things) has dramatically changed the perception of the Mac market among exhibitors at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

CES: Yahoo's future is simple, Yang says

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang's message of keeping things simple for the company's home page was reflected in the keynote he gave Monday at CES.

Opinion: In a Windows-flavored future

Bill Gates outlined his vision of the future in the Microsoft chairman's final CES keynote Sunday night. And Christopher Breen thinks that vision has a shelf life of exactly 10 days—about the same time between now and when Steve Jobs takes the stage for Macworld Expo.

CES: Intel unveils first Penryn mobile processors

The newly unveiled chips mark a refresh to the fourth-generation (Santa Rosa) Centrino laptop platform and should begin to appear in new laptops next week, although there's no definitive word if that includes Apple hardware.

CES: Fraunhofer: HD-AAC codec 'makes CDs obsolete'

Fraunhofer is pushing its HD-AAC music encoding format, which it says can sound better than audio CDs.

CES: Myvu introduces Shades, Crystal iPod eyewear

Myvu has introduced new sunglass versions of its video eyewear

January's other trade show

Macworld Expo may be the biggest event of the year for Mac users, but for the consumer-electronics industry, the main event is already underway.