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TED Books brings popular lectures to iOS

TED Books hit the App Store last week, an app that promises to unleash a new idea-driven book to users every two weeks. The app is free to download, but there is a subscription fee for the books.

Hands-on with Reading Rainbow for iPad

The new Reading Rainbow for iPad app, which launched Tuesday, isn’t merely an exercise in nostalgia: It wants to create a new generation of readers using videos, multimedia, and a Netflix-style subscription plan.

Amazon updates Kindle for iOS with support for comics, book search

Amazon on Thursday released updates to both the Kindle iOS app and the Web-based Kindle Cloud Reader, adding support for comic books, graphic novels, and more.

Google strikes deal to end litigation with French authors and publishers

Google has struck a deal with two French organizations representing authors and book publishers, ending years of litigation over its unauthorized scanning of their books.

Remains of the Day: Trials and tribulations

Apple and Motorola won't have their day in court, Barnes & Noble doesn't cotton to the DOJ's lawsuit, and John Sculley gets a big screen alter ego.

Monster's Socks for iPad

This children's book for the iPad is as pleasing to look at as it is to read.

Amazon releases Kindle software update with better font, support for additional formats

Amazon on Monday announced a software update for the $79 Kindle that includes a crisper font, parental controls, and support for additional book formats.

Apple denies colluding with publishers in price fixing case

In a response filed on May 29, Apple claims that publishers were not happy with Amazon's pricing tactics and wanted to set their own prices in the iBookstore.

Apple claims US government sides with monopoly in ebook case

The U.S. government has sided with monopoly rather than competition in bringing a case of ebook price-fixing against Apple, the company said in a filing on Wednesday.

Macworld Insider: Download our new Power Guides

As a gift to our Macworld subscribers, we've created the Macworld Power Guides, a set of five short ebooks on a variety of topics. They're now available for Insiders to download for free.