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iPad apps help kids master the alphabet

Learning the alphabet isn’t exactly as easy as A-B-C for some kids. But with an iPad and a solid app or two, your kids will soon be reciting the alphabet in no time. Lex Friedman looks at the best options in the App Store for learning letters.

NetSupport Assist now available for Mac, Linux

NetSupport Assist, a tool that allows teachers to effectively teach and monitor classes, is now available for Mac and Linux.

Safari Animals HD for iPad

This kid-centric app uses full-screen animal photos to help teach kids the alphabet. It's appealing for youngsters, but it comes up short when compared to other ABC apps due to some limited controls.

Geo Walk iOS app updates with new design, Earth facts

Geo Walk, a geography education app from Vito Technology, has been revamped with a new design and added features to help young users learn about the planet.

MathBoard for iPad

This app for drilling students on math is charming without losing track of its fundamental purpose.

iPad alphabet apps

We look at three iOS App Store offerings that take very different approaches to using the iPad to help kids master their ABCs.

MimioStudio 7 now available for Mac

Mimio announced Tuesday that the lastest version of its classroom teaching program, MimioStudio 7, is now available for Mac and Linux users.

Mathemagics adds to Mac App Store offerings

The makers of the Mathemagics iPhone app that teaches "math tricks" to aspiring mathletes have brought the program to desktop computers.

An iPad for every child

In one Scotland school, every student has been given an iPad. Here's how those tablets have changed the way kids learn.

Work smarter with these iOS apps

All work and no play may make for a dull existence, but the work still has to get done. Fortunately, we've found some mobile apps that will help you focus on the task at hand.