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iBooks 2 and iBooks Author

We've had the chance to test Apple's enhanced ebook reading and creation tools, and the authors of those reviews weigh in on both applications.

App Guide: iOS study tools

Put these apps on your iPhone or iPad to make managing your homework, class schedule, or study sessions just a little bit easier.

iBooks Author fashions multimedia books for the iPad

If you plan to create a book solely for the iBookstore, and you’re not concerned about other ebook platforms, iBooks Author stands above any other option currently available.

Remains of the Day: A close shave

Apple won't hold an event in February, developers might want to drop marketing images of white iPhones, and Cupertino picks up a Redmond refugee.

Expo Notes: iGlobe turns your iMac into a dazzling 3D globe

PersonalPlanet is a niche product, suitable for museums and schools with available funds. But it offers dazzling graphics and presents data in a way that makes it more understandable.

Expo Notes: Star Walk, Solar Walk to track rocket launch in future update

In San Francisco this week to tout the educational aspects of its apps, Vito Technology says that an upcoming update to the Star Walk and Solar Walk iOS offerings will add the ability to track the next rocket launch by SpaceX.

Expo Notes: KiteReaders’ new interactive kids ebook promotes cultural awareness

Based on the book, What Does it Mean to be Global? by Rana DiOrio, the new Be Global ebook introduces kids to different cultures around the world.

Review: iBooks 2 for iOS

iBooks 2 introduces a new way to browse a new kind of ebook. The experience is impressively immersive, but not without its flaws.

Remains of the Day: A picture is worth $100 million

Apple wants to stop Kodak from bankrolling its recovery on patents that it may not own; one company says people are downloading those new iPad textbooks like they're going out of style; and blazing fast Wi-Fi may be coming to a Mac near you sometime this year.

High schools weigh in on iPads in the classroom

Would you fork out a few hundred dollars for an iPad so your kid can keep up with classmates? An IT director of public schools in Ohio discusses the pros and cons of such a project.