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Apple's new vision of education

Last Thursday, Apple made it clear that one of the next industries it hopes to disrupt and reinvent is education, but it's an uphill climb.

Remains of the Day: Chapter and verse

One textbook CEO pins all the glory on Steve Jobs, Samsung pins its hopes on an anti-iPhone ad, and one attorney pins the blame for a stolen computer on Apple itself.

Apple's textbook plan feels like a blast from the past

Glenn Fleishman thought Apple's iBooks and textbook announcements this week came off like a rerun of the pronouncements people have been making about technology and education for years.

Hands on with iBooks 2

With the updated iBooks 2 -- and interactive textbooks -- now available for download, we take the iOS app out for a test drive. What we found were stunning images and impressive graphics in these iPad-optimized textbooks that make printed volumes feel out-of-date.

The Macalope Daily: Farewell to the Half-Blood Prince

Apple's stirring the pot with its iBooks announcements yesterday, but you might want to read the fine print.

Analysis: Apple's e-textbook push earns mixed grades

Ask publishers, analysts, and rivals about Apple's digital textbook initiative and they'll say it's good for everyone -- but they're skeptical about it, too.

Discussing Apple's education event

Macworld's Dan Moren and Lex Friedman attended Apple's education event in New York City. They join host Chris Breen to discuss iBooks Author and Apple's place in the textbook market.

iTunes update adds interactive textbook compatibility

Apple on Thursday launched iTunes 10.5.3, an update that allows users to sync the company's new iBooks 2 interactive textbooks between their computer and iPad.

Apple unveils iTunes U app

At the Apple education event on Thursday, Apple executives Eddy Cue and Jeff Robbin unveiled the iTunes U app, a new way for students and teachers to manage course material for classes on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

iBooks Author offers free e-textbook creation

Apple on Thursday launched iBooks Author, a free Mac app designed to let authors and publishers easily create multimedia-rich e-textbooks for the company's new iBooks 2 iPad app.