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Discussing Apple's education event

Macworld's Dan Moren and Lex Friedman attended Apple's education event in New York City. They join host Chris Breen to discuss iBooks Author and Apple's place in the textbook market.

iTunes update adds interactive textbook compatibility

Apple on Thursday launched iTunes 10.5.3, an update that allows users to sync the company's new iBooks 2 interactive textbooks between their computer and iPad.

Apple unveils iTunes U app

At the Apple education event on Thursday, Apple executives Eddy Cue and Jeff Robbin unveiled the iTunes U app, a new way for students and teachers to manage course material for classes on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

iBooks Author offers free e-textbook creation

Apple on Thursday launched iBooks Author, a free Mac app designed to let authors and publishers easily create multimedia-rich e-textbooks for the company's new iBooks 2 iPad app.

Apple releases iBooks 2 with support for interactive textbooks

At Thursday's education-themed Apple event at the Guggenheim museum, Apple executives Phil Schiller and Roger Rosen introduced iBooks 2. The updated iOS app heads the first of two education initiatives unveiled by Apple Thursday.

App Guide: iPad education apps

In advance of Apple's education-centric event in New York this week, we showcase some of the most download education apps for the iPad.

Remains of the Day: Ebook learnin'

Apple's education announcement is all over the news, with suggestions ranging from interactive textbooks to ebook publishing tools. Some, however, say that it's all over-hyped--so clearly we should be looking forward to the next next Apple announcement.

Kno adds new education features before Apple event

With an apparent eye on Apple's Thursday education event in New York, e-textbook provider Kno on Tuesday announced two features designed to expand its capabilities in the increasingly competitive digital education market.

Thursday's event kicks off busy week for Apple

Six days after it holds an education-focused event in New York, Apple will announce its quarterly earnings and sales for the holiday quarter.

Remains of the Day: Stay on target

Apple maneuvers Mac sales straight down a trench, Target is bringing expanded Apple displays (no more than two meters wide) to its stores, and Samsung says Apple's TV plans are a one-in-a-million shot, kid. May the remainders for Thursday, January 12, 2012 be with you.