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Remains of the Day: This time, it means business

The iPhone is the bee's knees in business, Stanford gives you a free education, and one noted photographer is all about the iPhone.

Remains of the Day: Power to the people

A battery-boosting iOS update may be making its way out to select users, one overseas institution may immortalize Apple's former CEO, and Steve Jobs asks "what's the deal with television?"

Get smarter with iTunes U

You've probably noticed it in the navigation bar at the top of the iTunes Store, but have you ever clicked on the iTunes U link? If not, join the millions of people have and expand your knowledge -- for free. Kirk McElhearn explains how.

Intellipad iPad app focuses on special education needs

Intellipad’s new Intellipad 1.0 iPad app is aimed at making Apple’s tablet more useful for special education students learning to read, write, and communicate.

The Civil War Today for iPad

Informative and entertaining, this iPad app offers a lot for history buffs to enjoy.

App Guide: Back-to-school iOS apps

As a new school year begins, these iPhone and iPad apps want to help you make the grade. Family Tree Maker for Mac helps track ancestors

If having access to Ancestry is in your plans Family Tree Maker for Mac is definitely the offline/online program for you. When it’s caught up with the Windows version it should prove invaluable.

Shake-A-Phrase for iPhone and iPad

There's nothing really wrong with the vocabulary app, but there's no feature to really recommend it either.

The educational iMac: Too much, too late

When education has been kicked to the curb, how practical is a $1,000 iMac? More important, how appropriate are desk-bound computers for schools?

Apple unveils $999 education-only iMac

Apple on Monday unveiled a stripped-down, $999 iMac available only to educational institutions.