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How to encrypt an external hard drive in Lion

FileVault 2 not onlyencrypts your Mac’s internal drive, but it can also encrypt external drives. Interested in securing your data? We’ll take you through the steps here.

Use Lion's FileVault 2 to encrypt your Mac's internal drive

Apple latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.7 Lion includes FileVault 2, the latest version of Apple’s method of file encryption. In this how-to, we'll go through the steps on activating FileVault 2 for your Mac's internal startup drive.

Symantec promises encryption viewer for iOS users

Symantec PGP Viewer will let users view encrypted mail on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The app is expected to arrive later this year.

Opinion: Don't panic over iOS location logging

News that the iPhone keeps a log of your location has spread faster than a YouTube video of a cat playing the trombone, but Dan Moren thinks that the panic is out of proportion.

Cortado Workplace iOS app now offers local encryption

Cortado Workplace is the first app on the App Store to provide protected encryption for the iPhone and iPad.

How to password protect folders

It's simple enough to password protect certain kinds of documents, but what about folders full of documents? Turn to Disk Utility.

My Eyes Only Photo update improves performance

Software Ops has updated its photo encryption app for iOS, My Eyes Only Photo, with a significant rewrite that offers improved performance, reduced memory usage, and increased overall stability.

Sophos brings enterprise-level encryption to the Mac

Sophos, a provider of enterprise security and anti-malware tools, has brought its full-disk encryption product to the Mac for businesses that are increasingly adopting Apple's computers.

Espionage keeps your data safe from spying eyes

Espionage provides a unique twist on encrypted disk images, integrating them with Finder folders.

Flash Padlock 2 features encryption, requires PIN

On Thursday, Corsair released the Flash Padlock 2, a USB flash drive with built-in 256-bit encryption and PIN support.