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Yahoo opens 'chicken coop' green data center

Yahoo has opened a new data center in New York state that runs on hydro power and will be cooled almost entirely by fresh air.

Greenpeace: Facebook, others have a hand in global warming

Greenpeace has charged that Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and others are contributing to global warming by using coal to power data centers for their cloud-based services.

Greenpeace hits Samsung for delaying toxic phase-out

Greenpeace hit out at Samsung on Wednesday for reneging on promises to remove harmful substances from its electronics products.

Apple focuses on green at shareholder meeting

In the first Apple shareholder meeting since Steve Jobs returned from his medical leave, shareholder questions focused on money, the environment, and other non-health topics.

Apple earns four-star Greenpeace rating, gains ground overall

Greenpeace's quarterly ranking of the top electronics companies shows Apple gaining ground and snagging some new accolades.

Energy Secretary applauds Apple leaving Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu gave Apple a thumbs up on its decision to withdraw from the Chamber of Commerce over an environmental dispute.

Nissan's iPhone app encourages better driving

Nissan and Yokohama plan to test an iPhone eco-driving application.

Hands on with Nissan's eco-driving system

If my driving and the environment were together in a room they probably wouldn't get on very well. I don't drive at steady speeds, I wait too late to brake and...

Chamber of Commerce to Apple: See you, wouldn't want to be you

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce responded to Apple's decision to resign from the group over disagreements on climate change legislation with a letter of its own.

Apple resigns from Chamber of Commerce, citing green policies

Apple has resigned its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, saying the trade group's stance on environmental issues differs too sharply from its own efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.