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Energy Secretary applauds Apple leaving Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu gave Apple a thumbs up on its decision to withdraw from the Chamber of Commerce over an environmental dispute.

Hands on with Nissan's eco-driving system

If my driving and the environment were together in a room they probably wouldn't get on very well. I don't drive at steady speeds, I wait too late to brake and...

Nissan's iPhone app encourages better driving

Nissan and Yokohama plan to test an iPhone eco-driving application.

Chamber of Commerce to Apple: See you, wouldn't want to be you

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce responded to Apple's decision to resign from the group over disagreements on climate change legislation with a letter of its own.

Apple resigns from Chamber of Commerce, citing green policies

Apple has resigned its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, saying the trade group's stance on environmental issues differs too sharply from its own efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Apple moves up in Greenpeace rankings

Environmental group Greenpeace has released its quarterly scorecard of electronics companies, and Apple has jumped up a couple of spots, even though the report does not take into account Apple's most recent environmental moves.

Apple lays out carbon footprint data

Apple on Friday published an extensive breakdown of its greenhouse gas emissions, adding more information to the debate over what it means to have an environmentally-friendly company.

Greenpeace paints 'hazardous' on HP's roof over toxics use

Upset by what it calls Hewlett-Packard’s "backtracking" on commitments to build greener tech gadgets, Greenpeace activists painted the message 'Hazardous Products' on the rooftop's of HP's headquarters.

Apple finds silver lining in verdict on green claims

Apple on Friday said an advertising watchdog's ruling against its ads confirmed the company meets high environmental standards.

EU, US push computers, printers to be greener

PCs and printers in the EU and US will have to become more energy-efficient to gain Energy Star approval, following an EU/US agreement signed Wednesday.