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Tips for greener computing

Save money while you help save the planet: Michael Gowan offers some tips on how to reduce the environmental impact of using your Mac.

How green is Apple: Cleaning the supply chain

Is Apple as environmentally friendly as it claims? The first step in examining the truth: Looking at the supply chain and manufacturing processes it uses to create its products.

How green is Apple: Where does the e-waste go?

In the first two parts of our series on Apple's environmental record, Jeff Bertolucci looked at the supply chain and the chemical content of the company's products. Now the question is: What happens to those products when they get thrown away?

How green is Apple: Good citizenship or good business?

The experts agree: Apple really has cleaned up its environmental act. But did it really have any choice? Jeff Bertolucci looks at the business and politics of environmental responsibility.

How green is Apple?

Are Apple's products environmentally friendlier than its competitors’? Has the company reduced its overall environmental footprint? To find out, Jeff Bertolucci examines Apple’s product chain, from materials and manufacturing to distribution and recycling.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show mobile software and hardware debut at CTIA in Las Vegas, Canada looks to recycle more e-waste, Intel launches new processors, FujiFilm shows off a prototype 3D camera, the European Commission prepares to investigate how online data is being used and a brain machine controls robots.

Apple rises in Greenpeace green electronics ranking

Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Dell have all lost points and Philips and Apple are among the companies jumping up the latest Greenpeace green electronics ranking.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show from Germany’s Cebit: traffic slows at the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the highlights, a Fujitsu PC draws zero watts when switched off, Asus unveils a touchscreen prototype, MSI shows off a thin netbook, a car radio tunes into 16,000 stations, Greenpeace challenges IT leaders and a robot makes your tea.

Analysis: Green data now front and center for Apple products

After taking flak from advocacy groups and some shareholders about its environmental policies, Apple has spent more time talking the environmental aspects of its products—including the ones unveiled earlier this week.

Shenandoah University chooses eco-friendly MacBook

Virginia's Shenandoah University chose the MacBook and iPod touch for its new learning program because of Apple's commitment to the environment.