Don't-Miss Stories

Review: KR Harvest Dings add Thanksgiving icons to your docs

Season your Thanksgiving decorations and communications with these distinctive dingbats. Leaves, pilgrim hats, turkeys, and all the trimmings come together in this font.


Review: Twilight NewMoon font is a timeless beauty

Watching the hours until the next Twilight movie's debut? Hiding in bright sunlight to avoid it? Either way, this beautiful and elegant homage font deserves a long life.


Review: Autumn Gifts font evokes a bountiful harvest

Display font Autumn Gifts uses acorns, corn, and leaves to make letters for a seasonal display.


Review: FontAgent Pro 5 industrial-strength font manager now offers cloud option

Version 5 adds helpful new features to an already powerful feature set, and an attractive CloudServer subscription option that eliminates upgrade fees and gives you access to a powerful online font server hosted by Insider Software.

ChunkFive font goes for the touchdown

ChunkFive's no-nonsense block serifs are taken right out of the playbook for classic western wood type—a style at home on wanted posters and newspaper front pages.

Suitcase Fusion 4 breaks new ground for Web and print publishing

Smoother Creative Suite integration and a step forward for Web fonts are hallmarks of Suitcase Fusion 4.

TypeStyler 11 sports new grunge styles, better documentation, lower price

While the new grunge styles, social media export capabilities, and help systems are welcome improvements, it's the combination of those features with the dramatically lower price that gives version 11 the highest value of any release of TypeStyler.

Que Fontita font delivers zap and pow to your posters

This ultra-cool comic book typeface will surely add super-power to your summer projects.

Requiemme Decorum font: Blackletter in gothic

Requiemme Decorum, a display typeface, combines the dark beauty of traditional blackletter with the gothic quality of light as seen through cathedral glass.

Extensis launches Suitcase Fusion 4 font manager

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4 features an updated interface that’s designed to streamline workflows and save designers needless bouncing back and forth between applications.