Don't-Miss Stories

Insider Software launches WEBSIWYG

WEBSIWYG, an online enterprise font catalog, allows creatives to view all fonts in an organization's collection via Web browser.

FontGear releases FontDoctor 8

New version of FontDoctor diagnosis and repair utility has arrived.

Handwriting fonts resurrect a lost cursive art

Ever wanted a font that looks like your handwriting? Or a font with better handwriting than you have? Jay Nelson walks us through the options.

Decorative dingbats add design flexibility

With a little exploration into your fonts and a little creative spark, dingbats can make your typographic designs come alive.

Get creative with these iOS apps

The App Store is teeming with mobile offerings designed to kick-start your creative muse, so we've created app collections aimed at designers, illustrators, and photographers.

FontXChange updates with support for Web formats

FontXChange, a font-conversion software program, has been updated to include support for formats used primarily on the Web.

Festive fonts for holiday greetings

Fonts and dingbats for the holiday season don't have to look like they came from 50-year-old greeting cards or wrapping paper. Some of Jay Nelson's favorites this year are modern and quirky, while others are more old-fashioned—but with a twist.

TypeDrawing for iPad

Like its predecessor on the iPhone, this font-driven drawing app offers a lot of fun and can produce some nice-looking images on the tablet's large screen.

Fontographer 5

Powerful, reasonably priced font tool for design studios is worth the wait.

FontXChange 2.5

You can't go wrong with FontXChange 2.5. Its support for .dfont, Multiple Master, OpenType, Mac and Windows PostScript and TrueType, and the new Web Open Font Format is a huge help for Web and print designers and publishers.