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Safe fonts: Conquering the cross-platform divide

Font sharing across platforms, and even between previous Mac operating systems, can be tricky. Here are some of the problems you might encounter and some suggestions on how to solve them.

Printing font samples from Font Book

There are many ways you can preview your fonts in Leopard or Snow Leopard. But sometimes nothing beats printed versions of fonts so you can peruse your fonts the way most people will see them: on paper. In this excerpt from Take Control of Fonts in Leopard, Sharon Zardetto walks you through printing font samples from OS X's Font Book.

Business Center Briefs: Jumsoft overhauls Keynote themes collection

Jumsoft's updated collection of slideshow themes includes new versions of Keynote Themes FX, Keynote Backgrounds FX, Keynote Objects FX, and Keynote Animations FX. Elsewhere, the makers of Doc Merge, RealBasic, and PopChar X announced updates for their Mac applications.

Explore your font characters

Jay Nelson talks about the American Scribe typeface, a digital version of the script that was used to write the Declaration of Independence.

Fonts in the wild

You don't have to be a font designer to enjoy identifying fonts in public places. Jay Nelson walks you through exploring fonts wherever you are.

Bugs & Fixes: What bugs Mac OS X 10.6.2 tackles

The Mac OS X 10.6.2 update fixes several bugs that Ted Landau looked at in previous columns. Here's a rundown of what the updated OS addresses.

Bugs & Fixes: Font duplicate misadventures

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Ted Landau was surprised to find 16 duplicate font warnings. And it took some effort to resolve the matter.

Scary fonts

Planning a Halloween party or celebration? Or just sending a card? Here are places where you can find some original fonts for the occasion.

Save printer ink by using an ink-saving font

Ecofont is a free typeface that promises to reduce ink use by up to 20 percent.

Bugs & Fixes: Font problems in Snow Leopard

Did the spacing between characters of certain fonts in some of your documents change after you upgraded to Snow Leopard? If so, you're not alone.