Don't-Miss Stories

Stir's Kinetic Desk prompts you to take a stand

This desk raises, it lowers, it breathes -- and it’s watching you.


Isaac Asimov

How Isaac Asimov correctly predicted 2014 tech in 1964

In 1964 Isaac Asimov imagined what 2014 would be like. So close!


Gizmo uses augmented reality to bring greeting cards into the 21st century

If you ever wanted a greeting card with a difference, check out the upcoming augmented reality Gizmo cards.


Eye tracker hopes to improve road safety

An eye tracking system on show at Computex in Taipei, might be the answer to creating safer roads. It uses a small camera mounted on the dashboard to monitor the driver for unsafe actions.

Japanese TV network shows off feelable haptic TV

Japan's public broadcaster opened the doors to its research center in Tokyo

Biosensor cradle turns your iPhone into a medical tricorder

Researchers create an iPhone biosensor cradle that could give doctors a cheaper, portable medical testing machine.

Original Star Trek tech: What has (and hasn't) panned out

We may not have the fancy gadgets of Star Trek: Into Darkness, but we've already surpassed much of the tech in the original series.


Solar-powered aircraft takes off on coast-to-coast US flight

The Solar Impulse requires no fuel and is attempting to fly from Silicon Valley to New York.

Flexible, networked e-ink displays mimic physical documents

Just as you have multiple papers on your desk, a project called Paper Tab at the CHI conference in Paris has multiple, networked e-paper displays.

Slice wood with a laser pointer and an imagination

Using a laser pointer as a knife, a project at the Computer Human Interaction conference lets users make custom creations out of wood and plastic without spending hours designing.

Future of computer interaction on display in Paris

The Computer Human Interaction conference in Paris this week is offering a glimpse into the future of how we’ll all one day interact with machines.

Better solar panels, batteries, inspired by toothpaste

At the Palo Alto Research Center in Silicon Valley, researchers are developing better solar panels and batteries.

Drexel University's MacBook vending machine lets you keep your laptop at home

What if you could borrow a laptop to use for just one class? A new vending machine at Drexel University could let you do just that.

Sculpteo 3D printing lets you stick your face on an iPhone case

If you don’t want to shell out the cash for your own 3D printer, use Sculpteo to create and print your own iPhone case instead.

Researcher turns the iPhone into a portable medical lab; no tricorder just yet

While I might find it difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant with my iPhone, researchers at the University of Sydney want to turn that little gadget you keep in your pocket into a portable laboratory.


Bring your Minecraft creations to life with this iOS app

Have you ever wanted to take that giant replica of Nyan Cat that you built in Minecraft and plop it down in your neighborhood? No? That’s just me? Mojang has teamed up with 13th Lab to make this dream a reality with the augmented reality iOS app Minecraft Reality.


Brain Kiss plays Cupid using Bluetooth headset, iPad app

Couples at the Tokyo Game Show tested Brain Kiss, a new iPad app that checks if their brain waves are compatible with the help of a Bluetooth headset.