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Black Friday will be big despite lousy economy, survey says

Consumer Reports expects spending on Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving—to be strong.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show: Yang steps down, Adobe shows off its new Flash platform, TVs fail the recycling test, robots take over California, Nintendo leads in the game console war, Intel launches a new processor and new auto tech is on display in New York.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show: CEA gives a CES preview, MP3 players present a possible health hazard, Honda unveils a walking assist device, spam is still profitable, Colombia gets OLPCs and NASA’s Mars lander dies.

Homemade iPhone robot is more than meets the eye

One inventive Japanese iPhone user has created a robot-iPhone hybrid that's remote controllable and can record video.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show: new games from the Tokyo Game Show, AMD splits into two, Panasonic sets a world record, the BlackBerry Storm readies to debut, Sony shows off a new OLED and Toshiba demonstrates a cell phone running on a fuel cell.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show: We take Nissan's high-tech cars for a spin, Steve Jobs grills employees over MobileMe, riding Toyota's robotic transporter, new rules for gadgets at U.S. ports and news on upcoming games.

World Tech Update

Bill Gates readies for retirement, iPhone 3G made on the cheap, Microhoo is back, Google delays Android, Panasonic introduces a new Toughbook, cell phones come in handy, Sony delivers content and Toshiba shows off new laptops.

Hands-on with Tenori-on

PC World senior associate editor Danny Allen joins forces with Macworld associate editor Brian Chen in discussing the Tenori-On, Yamaha's new music sequencer.

World Tech Update

Greenpeace boards a ship in Hong Kong, WiMAX is ready to launch, Verizon expands FiOS, Microsoft and Nortel partner, Intel shows off a new robot, Australia gets an Apple store, Tokyo shows off new toys and New York’s Digital Downtown demos new gadgets.

Mac time-wasters

Yes, the Mac is a tremendous productivity tool. Of course it’s a terrific device for organizing your life. It can also be a monumental waste of time. And that is exactly what this week’s video is about—the Mac as entraining time-waster.