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Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

My concerns for safety have inspired me to pass on my knowledge and goals to you, dear readers. So this week, we have three ways for you to protect yourself from the manifold risk and dangers that this existence brings with it.

The not-so-great outdoors

Anyway, should you be braver than I and venture out into the Overworld, you might find yourself a bit at loose ends. Fortunately, we’ve assembled for you this collection of gadgets that should make your outdoor experience worthwhile. Just remember to watch out for the mutated troglodytes, okay?

IDG World Tech Update

A five-minute recap of the week’s technology news.

Run for the hills

The Gadgetbox lineup for today: leading off, a delightful plug-and-play apparatus for your SATA hard drive; in the two spot, a planter for those without a green thumb; and finally, coming up third, a gadget that’ll give you a run for your money.

Juice, to go

On this week’s Gadgetbox, we bring you three devices that help make powering up on the road simple and fun. Well, simple anyway. We shed some light on the subject with a combo flashlight/charger, help you harness the power of the sun, and clue you in on one device that's a highway star.

Monster mishmash

On this week’s Gadgetbox, we’ve got a terrible trio of monster-themed treats for you. First up, the tools you’ll need to survive a monster encounter, followed by a truly monstrous webcam, and, to top it all off, a game that only a monster could love.

Garmin GPS dominates markets—now what?

Popular GPS gadget maker Garmin, currently king of the U.S. navigation device space, commands 57 percent of the consumer and enterprise markets, and its dominance will only grow in the second quarter of 2008, according to a new study from market research firm ChangeWave.

Walk on

In our panoply of technology this week, we bring you three lovingly hand-selected gizmos to potentially improve your life and invoke your sense of wonder: a handy portable power strip, a finger-keyed vault, and the game of walking.

The Halo effect

This week on Gadgetbox, a special treat: an in-depth look at the latest in futuristic plasma weaponry, Halo-style.

Balance of power

For this week’s delightful Gadgetbox repast, we bring you the latest in deadly foam darts, more on Nintendo’s latest peripheral madness, and a shining example of all that you can accomplish with the simplicity of 9.8m/s^2.