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Heat Meter measures energy use in real time

A new, Wi-Fi connected device called the Heat Meter allows homeowners to track propane, natural gas or oil use in real time and compare their home's efficiency with others in the area.


Heat Meter measures energy use in real time

Monitoring oil, natural gas or propane use typically means waiting until the end of the month when you get your bill, but a new device called the Heat Meter can report your energy use in real-time and compare your efficiency to other homes in the area.

What to expect at South by Southwest Interactive

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Go green and save money with a programmable thermostat

We put three programmable thermostats to the test to find out which is the most powerful, flexible, likely to reduce your energy bill.


mRobo shows off dance moves that far surpass my own (video)

Tosy's mRobo robot can dance like no other, and brings his own speakers too.


CES 2013: Amazing spectacles and awkward moments

No, CES is not a simple exposition of electronics wares. It is a visual overload of high-tech pageantry and stupid human tricks.