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Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid sunglasses camera, printer

Almost a year to the day since Polaroid said it was signing on Lady Gaga as its creative director, the popular singer unveiled on Thursday the fruits of her labor at the imaging company.

Lok-It Pocket Drive

Keypad PIN entry along with AES 256-bit hardware encryption make this flash drive a solid choice for keeping data protected on the go.

Video: Gadgets 2010 year in review

Smartphones and tablets stole the gadget headlines in 2010 as the innovation spotlight turned away from consumer electronics and back to computing. Here's a look at the top gadgets of 2010.

IronKey Personal S200

The IronKey Personal S200 secure flash drive uses hardware encryption, eliminating the need to run software on a PC and put your data at potential risk.

Gifts for media lovers

Dan Frakes joins host Chris Breen to talk about holiday gifts for the media lovers in your life.

Verizon Wireless Fivespot

The Fivespot is a global version of the mobile hotspot, supporting both major versions of 3G technology (CDMA and GSM) and laying the foundation for Verizon’s claim to provide global data service in over 200 countries, with more than 120 of these at 3G speeds.

AT&T introduces MiFi Mobile Hotspot

This portable hotspot will provide a little bubble of Wi-Fi for up to five devices, powered by AT&T's data network.

Behold, the $8 million iPhone 4

Stuart Hughes is offering a £5 million Apple iPhone 4 for sale -- that's $8 million in US dollars -- adorned with 500 individual flawless cut diamonds totaling 100 carats.

3D, tablets galore expected at Berlin show

The push to put 3D screens in our homes continues unabated, and a plethora of tablet PCs are expected at IFA.

Hands on with the AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadrocopter

The AR.Drone, a quadrocopter controlled by your iPhone or iPod touch, packs an impressive amount of technology into its styrofoam shell. While expensive, it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of its controls.